Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Food
Restores None
Cookable Yes
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes


Wheat is an item obtained by farming. Seeds for growing Wheat are obtained by breaking Grass.

Use Wheat to craft Bread and Bale. Also it can be used to breed Cows, Sheep, Horses.


Wheat can be farmed and harvested on Farmland. When farmed, it will take 8 stages to grow, each stage being a little taller and darker than the previous one. When fully grown, Wheat crops will drop 1 Wheat as well as 0-3 Seeds. If harvested before fully grown, it will only yield Seeds.

Note: Wheat can grow only at day, if you want to continue the process of growing Wheat at night - put Torches or Jack "O" Lantern around Farmland.

Screenshot 101

As a Crafting IngredientEdit

1 Bread==> 3 Wheat


1 Bale ==> 9 Wheat



WoC Tutorials How to get wheat and eat bread in Survival Mode06:19

WoC Tutorials How to get wheat and eat bread in Survival Mode

How to get Wheat and eat bread in Survival Mode

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