This information is helpful for all versions till version 2.0. Here you can find information about Default Skins! 

There are two types of skins: male and female. All these skins are default till v2.0. 

To choose and change skins for your Multiplayer Creative or Survival game click/tap on Options button that located on the main game screen! More instructions with detailed screenshots look below!

Male Skins

  • King
  • Zombie
  • Vampire
  • Tux
  • Robo
  • Bee
  • Flash
  • Egleeye
  • Cop
  • Pirate
  • Military
  • Sensei
  • Red

Female Skins

  • Queen
  • Vanessa
  • Caroline
  • Mary
  • Lily
  • Jennifer
  • Rachel
  • Victoria
  • Jessica
  • Diana
  • Emily

How to change and choose skins

If you want to change a skin, please follow this steps:

1. Open Options Menu.

Screenshot 1 9

2. Click on SKIN.

Screenshot 2 4

3. Choose skin from drop-down list and click on the selected skin!

Screenshot 3 5

4. Congratulations! You have change your skin!

Screenshot 4 3

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