Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Raw Materials
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)


Leather is a type of items that used as raw materials to craft Leather Armor. It is the weakest Armor in Survival Mode.

It can be obtained by killing Cows or Horses, which can drop Leather with probability of 33% upon death.


Cows can drop 0-2 Leather with probability of 33%.


Horses can drop 0-2 Leather with probability of 33%.


As a Crafting IngredientEdit

It is required 23 pieces of Leather to craft full set of Leather Armor.

5 LEATHER 25Leather ==> 1 LEATHER-CAP 25Leather Cap

8 LEATHER 25Leather ==> 1 LEATHER-TUNIC 25Leather Tunic

6 LEATHER 25Leather ==> 1 LEATHER-PANTS 25Leather Pants

4 LEATHER 25Leather ==> 1 LEATHER-BOOTS 25Leather Boots

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