This category regroups various items found in Survival Mode.

Weapons icon - CopyTools

Wooden Tools STICK 25Stick    WOODEN-SHOVEL 25Wooden Shovel    WOODEN-AXE 25Wooden Axe    WOODEN-PICKAXE 25Wooden Pickaxe     WOODEN-SWORD 25Wooden Sword    WOODEN-HOE 25Wooden Hoe
Stone Tools STONE-SHOVEL 25Stone Shovel    STONE-AXE 25Stone Axe    STONE-PICKAXE 25Stone Pickaxe    STONE-SWORD 25Stone Sword    STONE-HOE 25Stone Hoe    SHEARS 25Shears
Iron Tools IRON-SHOVEL 25Iron Shovel    IRON-AXE 25Iron Axe    IRON-PICKAXE 25Iron Pickaxe    IRON-SWORD 25Iron Sword    IRON-HOE 25Iron Hoe    EMPTY-BUCKET 25Empty Bucket   
Gold Tools GOLD-SHOVEL 25Gold Shovel    GOLD-AXE 25Gold Axe    GOLD-PICKAXE 25Gold Pickaxe    GOLD-SWORD 25Gold Sword    GOLD-HOE 25Gold Hoe
Diamond Tools DIAMOND-SHOVEL 25Diamond Shovel    DIAMOND-AXE 25Diamond Axe    DIAMOND-PICKAXE 25Diamond Pickaxe    DIAMOND-SWORD 25Diamond Sword         DIAMOND-HOE 25Diamond Hoe

Armor icon - Copy Armor

Leather Armor LEATHER 25Leather    LEATHER-CAP 25Leather Cap    LEATHER-TUNIC 25Leather Tunic    LEATHER-PANTS 25Leather Pants    LEATHER-BOOTS 25Leather Boots
Gold Armor GOLDEN-HELMET 25Golden Helmet    GOLDEN-CHESTPLATE 25Golden Chestplate    GOLDEN-LEGGINGS 25Golden Leggings    GOLDEN-BOOTS 25Golden Boots

Iron Armor

IRON-HELMET 25Iron Helmet    IRON-CHESTPLATE 25Iron Chestplate    IRON-LEGGINGS 25Iron Leggings    IRON-BOOTS 25Iron Boots

Diamond Armor

DIAMOND-HELMET 25Diamond Helmet    DIAMOND-CHESTPLATE 25Diamond Chestplate    DIAMOND-LEGGINGS 25Diamond Leggings    DIAMOND-BOOTS 25Diamond Boots


Meat RAW-PORKCHOP 25Raw Porkchop      COOCKED-PORKCHOP 25Cooked Porkchop      RAW-CHICKEN 25Raw Chicken    COOCKED-CHICKEN 25Cooked Chicken    RAW-BEEF 25Raw Beef    STEAK 25Steak    ROTTEN-FLESH 25Rotten Flesh     SPIDER-EYE 25Spider eye
Vegetables POTATO 25Potato    POISONOUS-POTATO 25Poisonous Potato    BACKED-POTATO 25Baked Potato    CARROT 25Carrot
Other Food/Items EGG 25Egg    FEATHER 25Feather    SEEDS 25Seeds    WHEAT 25Wheat    BREAD 25Bread     BUCKET-WITH-MILK 25Bucket with Milk   

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