Have you ever wanted to build a maze in World of Cubes, but didn't quite know how to or just cant come up with good ideas? Well, we're here to reach you some simple steps and design concepts that you can use!


These are the steps to follow:

Step 1) LOCATIONEdit

When building, you must always decide where you want to build. Wether it be underground, aboveground, or simply floating in the skies, you need to have a large space to build.


Now that you have figured out where you want to bubuild your maze, you need tto figure out the dimensions of the maze. In my maze, I make the walls 3 blocks high, with the ceiling on the 3rd block above. I also make the width of the corridors (tunnels) 1 block wide. I do that to create the feeling of being lost and cornered when running through a maze. Plus, the smaller the width of the tunnels, the greater size you can make the maze.

Step 3) StyleEdit

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