Horse anim
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 7.5 10hp5hp

LEATHER 25Leather

Feed WHEAT 25Wheat

Horse is a passive mob in Survival Mode, that drop Leather.

The horse is a hoofed mammal with four long limbs and a barrel-shaped body. It has a long neck that supports a large, long head, and the eyes and ears are large. The tail is short but covered with long, coarse hairs that extend its length. Long brown hair also grows along the top ridge of the neck. All horses are brown in Survival Mode.

Horse BehaviorEdit

  • Horses spawn in herds, ranging from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6.
  • If a horse is killed, it will drop 0–2 pieces of leather.
  • Horses can be led around by holding wheat.
  • Horses can be fed and bred with wheat.
  • You can not ride horses in the current version of the game.

Feeding and BreedingEdit

Horses can be feed with Wheat. Hearts around them will appear, when they feed.

Horses can be bred by feeding any two adult horses with Wheat. After breeding, horses will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.



You have to keep Horse in an enclosed or fenced area (2 blocks deep) without ladders so they don't wander off. Remember that ungathered leather will vanish after 5 minutes.

Note: Horses can escape through ladders, but can't escape through doors.

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