Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Food
Restores 2 Eat 4Hunger Bar
Cookable No
Stackable Yes


Carrot is a type of food, dropped by Zombies and Pumpkin-Heads with probability in 2.5%. Each Carrot restores 2 units of Eat 4Hunger Bar.

You can use it to breed pigs. If you tame two pigs and you feed them at the same moment (little hearts will appear around both animals), the pigs will mate and will produce a baby pig.



Carrot farming takes 8 stages to grow. But only 4 stages are visible for the player. Every two stages have the same texture, except that growth stage 7 keeps the same appearance as stages 5-6, so that only stage 8 has the final, 'mature' appearance. Mature carrot crops drop 1 to 3 carrots.



WoC Tutorials Food Overview (Part 1 Carrot)01:37

WoC Tutorials Food Overview (Part 1 Carrot)

Food Overview: Carrot

WoC Tutorials How to eat01:14

WoC Tutorials How to eat

WoC Tutorials: How to eat

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